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Terms and Conditions


The FreePollKit service, "the SERVICE", owned by Roger Karlsson, provides free polls. This document is an AGREEMENT that states the Terms and Conditions governing your usage of the services. By creating or using an account at, you, "the USER", are bound to follow the Terms and Conditions.

Modifications of the Poll HTML Code

A FreePollKit poll contains these main components: 1) the poll question 2) 2 up to 10 choices 3) a "Vote Button" 4) a "View Results Link" 5) a "Pointing Back Link" to The service provides the user with a HTML snippet that the user can copy and paste into the user's web page. The user may change the HTML code slightly, such as the font, the font size, the width and height of the poll. The user MAY NOT change the poll HTML code in a way that removes, obscure, hides or interfere with the components. The user MAY NOT change, alter or remove the href field in the "View Results Link" or the "Pointing Back Link". The user MAY NOT separate the components from each other.

Monitoring of poll HTML

The service may monitor, manually or automatically, that the poll HTML in the user's web page do not breach "Modifications of the Poll HTML Code". The user gives the service permission to download the web page where the poll is in use.

Privacy of your data

The service does not send any emails to the email address you submitted in the signup process, unless you requested us to do so or if you are in breach with this agreement. The service may provide your email address to governmental or law enforcement agencies at their written request in connection with the conducting of any investigation. The service will provide your email address to third parties only if required to do so by a court order.

Restriction of Content

Users may not create polls that contain or promote any material associated with racism, adult content, illegal material, warez, piracy, hacking, pornography, copyright infringement or any other material that may cause a third party trouble. The user may not put a FreePollKit poll on a website that contains any of the above material.


FreePollKit modifies the terms and conditions from time to time. It is the user's responsibility to review the terms, at least once every second week, and if the user does not accept the new terms and conditions, the user must delete all its accounts. By continued use of an account the user accepts the new terms and conditions.


This agreement is in effect until 1) the user deletes all its accounts, or 2) until the service deletes the user's accounts. The service may delete a user account for any reason, not limited to a breach of this agreement.


You may not vote more than once on a particular poll.


Usage of the service consumes bandwidth and CPU resources where the service is hosted. The user acknowledges that FreePollKit might add non-intrusive "Google-style" ads in the service to finance the service. The service will under no circumstances use pop-ups, pop-unders, blinking banners or any other type of aggressive or intrusive advertising. This statement is permanent, thus overruling "Modifications".


FreePollKit is a trademark, owned by Roger Karlsson.


© Roger Karlsson. All rights reserved.

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