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Dear Streetball player and supporter, We ask for your input in an important matter. Streetball Hockey is, and has been for 3 years, a 3-6 team, non-profit, home league with a yearly fee of 100$/player. Following the suggestions of many, Streetball Hockey is considering a massive expansion process starting next season (September 2007). If this expansion were to take place, Streetball would become an 8-12 team, for-profit, league, with improvements in nearly all areas, including structure & organization, scorekeeping, website structure, and other areas. Such a venture would not be easy, and would require an increase in expenses, and thus an increase towards 175-200$/player. Now, given the choice, as a player, taking into account the better organization/structure of the league AND the increased pricing, what would you prefer?

Keep the league as it is (3-6 teams, 100$)75 %
Expand the league (8-12 teams, 175-200$)25 %

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