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[aoi/uruha] tired of living a lonely lifestyle, aoi opts to buy a robotic friend...10 %
[reita/ruki] conned by his best friends, ruki is forced to attend kugutsu e academy and wear a tiny schoolgirl uniform. everything is a nightmare until he runs into the town's heartthrob, reita, down at the candy store.15 %
[reita/ruki, aoi/uruha] in the midst of world war two, reita joins the american army to get out of the japanese internment camps and finds himself not-so-subtly attracted to an obstinate lieutenant.22 %
[aoi/uruha] aoi, who has been blind his entire life, finds comfort in only his guitar until he meets uruha, a boy who rarely speaks but is strangely willing to change his life to stay with aoi.24 %
[reita/ruki, aoi/uruha] seperated by summer camp and summer vacation, best friends reita and uruha keep each other up to date on their latest romances, mishaps, and silly misunderstandings in their private blog.29 %

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